The Get Right Band - Shake

The Get Right Band : Shake

The Get Right Band - Shake

You can immediately tell that The Get Right Band hail from the South. Within the first 30 seconds of “Voodoo” from their album, Shake, the listener is drawn into a laid back, foot-shaking groove that simply screams that it was born and bred on the warmer side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Imagine if Jason Mraz was Jimmy Buffet’s secret love child raised on a steady diet of Bob Marley records and you would have Get Right’s guitarist/vocalist Silas Durocher. Backed by Jesse Gentry on bass and Chris Pyle on drums (both supplying backing vocals, as well), this is a band who could spend their entire career playing beachfront Caribbean bars for free pina coladas and a hammock for the night.

More of an EP than a full album, Shake clocks in at barely 20 minutes, but it is a fun and groovy five tracks guaranteed to have you boppin’ and scattin’ along. This is also it’s only downfall; just as the party gets started it’s over. From “Touch the Holy” to “Fingernails,” this recordgives you the definite impression that you want to party with these Asheville, North Carolina cowboys.

Shake is out now.

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