Nick Lowe: At My Age

Nick Lowe: At My Age 

In a shark-skin suit and that cock-eyed grin, Nick Lowe was the wry, dry martini of punk.  Sophisticatedly cool, producing many of the seminal STIFF Records earliest moments, the Brinsley Schwarz vet brought a musicality and sense of history to the pop/rockabilly/wide open moan of the Pretenders, Elvis Costello and his own Rockpile. 

Given the illustrious history, not to mention his own classic “Cruel To Be Kind” and “All Men Are Liars,” it's no wonder that At My Age stands as a survey of vintage styles, sardonic wit and a delivery that knows without trying.

At times almost evoking Burt Bacharach-era Dionne Warwick with the sophisti-ballads he plies, Lowe's at his naughty best on “I Taught Her to Love Me,” taking a romantic upper hand that falls comically across the buoyant melody.

Pure pop for wow people, just a grown-up update; thinking adults with joy in their souls rejoice!

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