JC Brooks - Howl

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound : Howl

JC Brooks - Howl

The greatest thing about the music scene these days is the plethora of spectacular young soul/R&B bands and artists recording and performing. People like Nigel Hall, Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, The Soul of John Black, and JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound have embraced and improved upon the old school music of Motown and Staxx. These were studios that gave the world some of the greatest American music of all time.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sounds’ Howl may have been recorded in 2013, but it could have just easily come out in 1968. In other words, it’s modern and retro all at the same time. Brooks’ vocals hold their own with the Sound’s smooth and groovealicious rhythm,s making the listener unable to stop bobbing and tapping. This record makes you want to get out on the dance floor and shake your booty until you are soaked in sweat and they turn on the lights at last call.

Howl is out now on Bloodshot Records.

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