La Busta Gialla

Il Sogno del Marinaio : La Busta Gialla

La Busta Gialla

Mike Watt has never let himself be seen as “just” a bass player, nor has he ever been a man to hang his flannel shirt on just one singular musical peg. Whether it was the groundbreaking music he created with the legendary Minutemen or fIREHOSE, his bands the Secondmen or the Missingmen, or the work he has done with everyone from Porno for Pyros to Dinosaur Jr. to The Stooges, Watt is a musician who is anything but a “one trick pony.” This is why his latest project, Il Sogno del Marinaio (The Sailor’s Dream), and new album, La Busta Gialla (The Yellow Envelope) is as intriguingly interesting as it is off-the wall.

Channeling, at times, the work Mike Patton has done with Italian musicians, Watt and fellow players Stefano Pilia (guitars) and Andrea Belfi (drums) have crafted an album that plays like the soundtrack to a movie that the listener must create in their own imagination. Comprised of instrumental tracks that slowly build as the album plays, the final payoff is in the songs with vocals. If you’re a fan of the quirky and the different side of life, you will definitely enjoy La Busta Gialla.

La Busta Gialla is out now on Clenchedwrench.

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