Danny Click : Life Is A Good Place

Danny Click is worn soul, smooth and weathered like aged leather. And his music emanates those classic highways where rock, country and blues intersect in tried-and-true songcraft.

The Midwesterner returns with Life Is A Good Place, a collection of low-key compositions that paint pictures of pain and glory. Click’s approach is true-to-life; he sings it like he lived it. From the ambling title-track with its understated slide work, to the endearing “How You Feeling Now,” Click delivers surefire, classic songwriting; these are the kind of songs that flow from the pen of a writer who is constantly tinkering toward perfection.

Danny Click is nothing short of an artist, one with a blue-collar approach and an unwavering penchant for hitting the mark. Life Is A Good Place may be the title, but with artists like Danny Click and records like this, it is truth.

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