Arrica Rose - Lucky

Arrica Rose & the …’s : Lucky

Arrica Rose - Lucky

This year is already shaping up to be a year of great albums from women, and you can now add to the ever growing roster of quality releases the new EP, Lucky, from Arrica Rose & The …’s. And, yes. That is really the name of her band: The …’s. Though only six songs in length, Rose and her band prove that when you have quality songs, all it takes is an EP.

Creating a soundscape that centers on Arrica’s voice, the rest of the production offers solid support and enhancement in the playing, background vocals and choruses. This record has a feeling of warmth and comfort that wraps around the listener like a big fluffy blanket. Utilizing strings and harmonies, each song paints a brief portrait that highlights the years the artist experienced as a DIY musician with a background in film. With what they show in just six songs on Lucky, we can hopefully look forward to more from this band in the future.

Lucky is out now on pOprOck records.

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